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With Vision

"We know only too well that what we are doing is nothing more than a drop in the ocean. But if the drop were not there, the ocean would be missing something."

Mother Tersa

Get to Know Us

Youth with Vision is Nagindas Khandwala College's social work platform initiated in 2017, with an objective to channelise the potentialities of the youth in the right direction by motivating and educating them through the abstract of humility to conquer and eradicate many problems faced by the underprivileged.

Tribal Development Project

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Karambeliwadi Village, Pen Taluka, Raigad District

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School Reconstruction Project at Karambeliwadi

School in Karambeliwadi.
School in Karambeliwadi.
School in Karambeliwadi.
School in Karambeliwadi.
School in Karambeliwadi.
School in Karambeliwadi.
School in Karambeliwadi.
School in Karambeliwadi.
School in Karambeliwadi.
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Adopted  Villages


Varsai Pada



One Student, One Book Campaign

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Vision, Mission
& Goal


To provide a perfect platform to channelize the potentialities of the youth in the right direction and make them contribute positively and constructively for the development of our nation.
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Nourish the Malnourished
Educate and elevate the tribals
Provide employement opportunities for the tribals
Empower the women from the weaker section of the society
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Our mission is to serve the underprivileged by reaching out to the destitutes and tribals.
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Recognition & Achievements

Youth with Vision of Nagindas Khandwala College was awarded with MQH 2nd Runner-up title. This award was presented by IMC Ramakrishna Bajaj National Quality Award Trust held between 1st to 4th November 2023

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Youth with Vision of Nagindas Khandwala College was awarded with 'Best CSR Program of the Year' on 15th August, 2023

Media Coverage

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Jagrook Times
25th September, 2023

Janmabhoomi Gujarati
5th October, 2023

18th August, 2023

04th  November, 2023

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Dainik Bhaskar
18th August,2023

Navbharat Times
18th August,2023

Maharashtra Times
5th October,2023

  Navbharat Times
06 November,2023

    Daninik Baskar
04th November, 2023

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   Gujarati Midday
10th november,2023

Youth with Vision Achievements

  • Awarded 2nd Runner- up Internationally for Best Social Practices at IMC Ramakrishna Bajaj Quality Award.

  • Reconstructed the school at the Adivasi village, Karambeliwadi, Pen Taluka, Raigad District

  • Completed the 1st Cycle of the 365 Days Food Distribution Drive 

  • Distributed 9000+ Food Boxes to the destitues

  • First College to host a National Award Festival for Social Work by Colleges known as Bhavishya Bharat - Walking today, towards Tommorow 

Dr. (mRs.) Ancy Jose                 Director 
   Prof. Dr. Moushumi Datta


Professor In-Charge

Dr. Nelson Daniel is an Assistant Professor and the Professor In-Charge of Youth with Vision at Nagindas Khandwala College. Aside from his love for teaching, he is also a passionate social worker who devotes his heart and soul to serving humanity and improving the lives of the destitute and downtrodden.
He is a firm believer in benevolence and devotes his life to serving it by engaging young brains in a variety of activities where their contributions help to shape a better society.


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"One may achieve some things out of ability but one can achieve greater things with humility."

Dr. Nelson Daniel

Our Projects

Project Poshan- Nourished the Malnourished

.Over the past year, a transformative Food Distribution Drive has significantly impacted the lives of the underprivileged. By providing nutritional support and eliminating hunger, the project has distributed over 9000 food boxes and 150+ grocery kits monthly in Karambeliwadi, positively influencing the fates of many in need.

Project Pragati - Education to elevate

Nurturing the potential of Karambeliwadi's youth through monthly educational initiatives, including stationery distribution, book donations, and providing projectors. This effort not only empowers the younger generation but also fosters an appreciation for education, bridging the gap between rural and urban learning experiences.

Project Parchai - Caring Unconditionally 

Empowering lives by distributing wheelchairs and essential items to physically challenged individuals and grandparents in Mumbai, bringing hope and support to those facing daily challenges.

Project Pehchaan- Empowering hands, Securing lives

Empowering Karambeliwadi through a mango workshop, providing employment by selling locally cultivated mangoes in Mumbai. This initiative not only boosts confidence but also brings economic security and hope to the villagers.

Project Pukaar - Voice for the voiceless
hrough our collective efforts, we have been able to provide sustenance and care to countless animals who would otherwise go hungry and suffer
Through this Project we feed the animals on streets.

Project Prerna - Empowering Women
Supporting women in need through menstrual sessions, sanitary pad distribution, and providing sarees and gift hampers to underprivileged women on the streets of Mumbai, acknowledging their unconditional love and care.

Project Patang - Making people fly high
Being the supporting stick for old age home and guardian hand for the orphanages. Spending quality time and mending the broken stitches on heart and heal the soul by visiting old age home and orphanges on a monthly basis. We also visit Mentally disabled, cancer and aids hospitals.

Project parivartan-Creating today,

transforming tomorrow 

Empowering Karambeliwadi through education by reconstructing a school, inaugurated during Diwali 2021. Additionally, addressing the impact of heavy rainfall, we distributed tadpatri and repaired grandparents' houses, providing them with peace and hope.

Project Pehel Step towards humanity 

Annual 4-day pre-Diwali camp in Karambeliwadi fosters love and compassion through diverse activities, including grocery kit distribution, hygiene and drug awareness sessions, oil massages for grandparents, clothes washing, and a cultural festival. Strengthening our bond with the tribal community, this initiative builds lasting relations.

Project Paryavaran - Nurturing the Nature

Dedicated to a greener future, our project focuses on planting Neem trees in Karambeliwadi to combat deforestation, urbanization, and natural disasters. This initiative aims to restore ecosystems, combat climate change, and create natural havens for future generations.

My love for sharing and drumming combined in a remarkable way during my experience journey of the 365 Days Food Distribution Drive by YWV. Not only did this activity bring nourishment and hope to those in need, but I also believe that this act of selfessness has postively influenced my drumming career. My journey is a powerful testament to the belief that when we give with an open heart, deeds works in our favour. 

Krishna Khetan

Bhavishya Bharat

Walking today, Towards tomorrow

The Bhavishya Bharat National Award Festival celebrates and recognises the social work done by colleges. The goal of this award festival is to inspire youngsters to engage in social work and to continue their altruistic contribution for the better future for our nation.

The first edition of Bhavishya Bharat, held on 14th September 2022, was a resounding success, with 180+ registrations and participation from 85+ colleges from 15 states and 2 union territories, showcasing a plethora of new ideas infused with passion and dedication.

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